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Thai Street bitch Woaw

Thai Street bitch Woaw

Being on business in the suburbs of Bangkok, I somehow miraculously got lost in the narrow streets of the poor district. To my misfortune, this part of the city was little populated, and I had no one to ask for directions. So I wandered for some time, when suddenly in the courtyard on the right, a female silhouette appeared that gave me hope for salvation.

In an instant, I ran to her and asked in Thai how I could get out of these slums. The woman smiled back at me and quickly chastised something in an incomprehensible tongue. I threw up my hands and shook my head, letting her know that I did not understand her. Then she took my hand and led me to the house next door. Something told me that you should not rely. When we were in a cramped, poorly furnished room, the woman smiled again and gently pushed me in the chest. I fell over on the bed in the middle of the room. Then the lady, kneeling in front of me, undid the of my pants. I watched what was happening in a dream. The next moment I felt the hot moisture of the stranger’s mouth around the head of my dick. How did she professionally sucked! I was given a blowjob in many public houses in Bangkok, but no one had ever done it like this Asian whore I did not know. Then she quickly freed herself from her skirt and shorts, perched on top of me, swallowing my cock with her cunt. Yes, and she fucked much better than many whores, I met earlier. An hour later, an unfamiliar bitch, mumbling again in an incomprehensible dialect, led me onto a busy road, turned around, and quickly left.

Name: Woaw
Format: MP4
Duration: 00:25:20
Resolution: 1920×1080
Size: 802.01 Mb


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