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Trixie in the shower

Trixie in the shower

It’s time to leave Manila. I do not know why, but I arrived at the airport two hours earlier, and now, while waiting for the flight, I wasted the time watching the photos on the phone I took during the last vacation. Suddenly, I had a strange desire to fuck someone from somewhere.

It appeared out of nowhere and for no reason, surging in a wave like a tsunami. Sensing an erection, I nervously fidgeted on the bench and looked around the airport waiting room – it was almost empty. Erogirovanny member began to hurt, demanding relief. Covering the bulging shorts with a travel bag, I went to the toilet in order to alleviate my own suffering. Already holding the toilet door handle, I saw a woman on the right nearby. She was a short, thin woman in her forties, dressed in overalls and cleaning. Although she was not beautiful, but it was better than masturbation in the airport toilet. Approaching her, I directly told her about my problem, emphasizing that if she helped me, then a good reward awaited her. It seems that the woman also had problems in sexual terms, because as she smiled she immediately agreed to help me without any rewards. Next to the toilet was a shower for airport personnel, and we went there. I did not have time to slam the door behind me, as I had already turned my woman back and ordered me to bend over. She was obedient like a doll. With one hand holding her dress up, exposing a neat little ass in white panties, I nervously tried to put a condom on with my other hand. Well, I managed, and a sharp movement dropping the panties to the knees of the woman standing in the dog pose. Freeing the entrance, I straightened the hair on her pussy and with a sharp push drove my dick into her. Yes, I admiringly said goodbye to hospitable Manila!

Name: Trixie in the shower
Format: MP4
Duration: 00:08:59
Resolution: 1280×720
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